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The band return with "The Day Of Sacrilege", a concept album detailing the rise of a renegade fallen angel in a blasphemous epic of technical death metal.

TERRORDROME have added some more experimental elements to their sound by mixing their earlier brutal death metal style with sections of distorted flamenco.

"The Day Of Sacrilege" was recorded and mixed at THE MIX studio by George Brigos. Artwork by Tom Bradfield / Grindethic Design.

Special guest appearances by Tom B. (Infected Disarray, Twitch of the Death Nerve) and Sverre Dæhli (Audiopain).

Track listing:
1. Alas, In the Wound...
2. ...For Mayhem to Begin
3. Bounded
4. Moribund
5. The Day of Sacrilege
6. Compel to Sin
7. Conceit is the Disease
8. Impale the Unifit Servant
9. Antediluvian Malediction

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